Every individual deserves to live happily.

At this point, Turkey’s only asylum-seekers from Syria and other neighboring countries not their own citizens or to open their doors to people who come as refugees, a fact known to the world.

Well, these people can benefit from government services, but also how to ensure the elimination of security risks in terms of Turkey?


This is where effective technology is used. When this experience focused our research and development capabilities on finding solutions, Papilon Integrated Refugee Management Technology (UNSC) emerged.

  • UNHCR archives the biometric data of all foreigners with a boundary value approach and offers the possibility of practical inquiry and verification of the identity of the client in the provision of all public services.
  • In order to ensure that all individuals can benefit from public services without exception, this system, which is integrated with law enforcement forces, operates 7-24; every person in the structure can identify themselves with biometric data without document proof. In this way, more than 100.000 daily queries called 1-N in the literature can be made by using 10 fingerprints, single fingerprints, handprints and iris if desired. System components include 8 kinds of terminal units, fixed, mobile, kiosk, e-gate and so on. scopes.
  • From the signature obligation to population services; from community participation projects to internal security practices; from automation of entry and exit controls to the security of cities created for asylum seekers.


  • UNHCR has a capacity of over 10,000,000 people, more than 100,000 inquiries per day, and all inquiries under 5 seconds are completed to open the service door.

If you want to start using a gigantic technology with the most practical applications in terms of both the welfare of your citizens and contributing to the world with migration and migrant management; Get out of the ordinary and invite us.