Live Scanning Application

• LS App.

(noun): An abbreviation of “Live Scanner App”, LS App is used with Papilon’s real time fingerprint scanning devices.

What is LS App?

LS App is a software used with Papilon’s fingerprint scanners.

How Does LS App Work?

The software is used in capturing finger and palm prints. Captured prints are then sent to the dataset to be stored and queried. Thanks to the local and central queries run with LS work stations, instantaneous identification and identity verification is possible.

LS App digitizes the captured prints before sending them for identification. Digiti<ed print data is easier to process and therefore buys time to professionals while diminishing the need for extra hardware. LS App packs economy and ergonomy in itself and offers unrivaled efficiency.

LS App: more work, less burden.

Why LS App?

1- Smart Terminals

LS App is designed to process data. This ensures that every print is pre-processed before being sent to the central system. This extra step causes no disruption in the stations’ work flow and gives the central system an efficiency boost by shortening data processing time.


2- Local and Central Query Options

LS App can be used in offline mode. This ensures that inquiries could be run through the local dataset wherever environmental conditions put the field personnel at a disadvantage or technology is limited. That way, problems and security threats that could be caused by a hole in surrounding facilities can be avoided.

3- 1:1 and 1:N Inquiry

LS App can run both 1:1 inquiries to verify the identities of known persons and 1:N inquiries to identify a subject.

4- Automatic Fingerprint Control

By referring to slap impression prints, LS App checks the fingerprints in rolled fingerprinting processes to ensure that the same finger is not reprinted mistakenly or as the result of an attempt to mislead the authorities. This ensures the biometric data that goes into the central system is double-checked and correct.

5- Easy to Use

LS App’s interface is designed to allow users to easily navigate the system. It is extremely easy to jump between registration and query windows.

Where to Use LS App?

LS App can be used;

  • In suspect identification and in criminal investigations by police forces,
  • In security checks and vehicle searches conducted in the traffic,
  • Göç İdaresi göçmen yönetiminde, In immigration management processes by directorates and divisions of immigration,
  • In access control procedures and personnel logs by private enterprises.


Staff and Prisoner Tracking System for Prisons

Staff and Prisoner Tracking System for Prisons



When Will You Need LS App?

  • When the internet access is a problem,
  • When you do not want to compromise security on borders and military training sites, 
  • When the neighbouring countries are politically unstable and when there ,s an inflow of migrants,
  • When you want to measure the efficiency or your business and evaluate the performance of your employees,

You will need LS App on your side to guarantee your security and your enterprise’s efficiency with its fast and highly accurate data processing skills.

Who Can Use LS App?

Five plus five equals security!

The installment of LS App takes only five minutes. Better news is, you will need another five to be an expert of it. The use of LS App does not require any technical knowledge, after a short tutorial, everyone can use the system with ease.


Live Scanning Application


Hızlı parmak izi kaydı (düz basım ve çevrilerek)

2 saniyede hızlı sorgu

Kullanıcı dostu arayüz

1:1 (kişi doğrulama) ve 1:n (kişi tespiti) sorgu

Uç birimlerde özellik işleme yeteneği sayesinde merkez yükünü hafifletme


Lokal sorgu ile sahada kolay kullanım
Otomatik sıra ve kalite kontrolü
Otomatik iz algılama
1inch’lik alan yerine tüm karakteristik özelliklerin sorgulanması
Özelleştirilebilir modüler yapı

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