Kiosk Smart Notification System

Papilon’s Kiosk Smart Notification System is an ID control unit approximately the size of a cash machine.

In many countries, immigrants, temporary residents, and asylum grantees in the country and those pending a trial or have been released under parole are obliged to notify the government periodically on their whereabbouts and their conditions.

Countries that accept immigrants and asylum seekers guarantee that they will grant certain rights to these people in compliance with human rights and social conscience and secure their fundamental rights, such as the right to life and housing. Therefore, the purpose of the notification system for immigrants is to ensure the protection of the said rights. The procedure also serves as a tool to measure and improve the wellbeing and health of immigrants and asylun seekers, and ensures that any material benefits provided by the government is used only by the intended recipient and the rights granted to these people are not coercively or otherwise abused.

These notifications are also used to verify that persons who have been released under parole or with bail remain within the the area/region designated by the court, and to ensure that they do not attempt to escape.

However, notification systems built on traditional methods such as signing a register fail to verify the authenticity of of the information provided by the subjects. With today’s technologies, it is quite easy to forge documents or acquire a false ID to sign in lieu of another person. In such a context, the discrepancy between the means of crime and means of control may cause vulnerabilities within the system and can lead to evasion of justice or improper use and abuse of the said rights.

Papilon’s Kiosk Smart Notification System is an ID control unit approximately the size of a cash machine. This stable and easy-to-use unit saves time and effort to the government and the citizens.

The fingerprint scanners integrated into the unit check the person's identity within seconds and ensure the accuracy of the information provided by the subject.

Unlike many standard scanners in the sector that clip the print for the sake of query and matching speed, Papilon scanners offer speed and accuracy in one package without clipping the print.

The queries made with the unclipped prints allow more unique features of the prints get matched, and offer the sector’s highest accuracy rate with %99.99 in TP-TP queries.

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The robust and impact-resistent design of the Papilon Kiosk Smart Notification System ensures long-term use by blocking the effects of environmental conditions. Kiosk design allows scanners to work without being affected by climatic factors such as extreme heat, cold, humidity, sandstorms or wind, and ensures that the system can be used in any setting. The membrane coating of Papilon fingerprint scanners prevents both slipperiness and the consequent deformation in prints even after millions of scans.


Scanners also protect print quality by distinguishing dirt and moisture from the skin.

Thanks to the Papilon KioskSmart Notification System, notification process can be completed easily and quickly, without long queues or stampedes, and without occupying the time of public personnel. The system allows collecting crucial information on said groups of people ro be marginally easier and the energy of the security forces to be channeled into tasks of vital importance for the country.