We have been home to more than 4 million asylum-seekers or refugees in the last 3 years, and not only that, but we have extended their help in every field.

Turkey’s hospitality this state and nation is the kitchen for our new products and allows us were able to undertake the necessary R & D studies. The result was the Papilon Smart Kiosk.

When creating a new product, you need to look at what solution it will bring. While the Smart Kiosk was invented in this way, critical processes were revised. Namely, according to the Law on Foreigners and International Protection, immigrants who are obliged to have a residence obligation are required to go to the polls at certain intervals. This process, which is tried to be carried out with the cards distributed to the immigrants, is seen from the perspective of both the migrant and the public personnel in charge; waste of time, disruption of work, plus extra workload.

The real problem is; whether the person who actually comes to poll the card is really that person!

Papilon, one’s smart kiosk system has resolved the accuracy. Intelligent kiosk system developed by its expertise; the immigration polling process is independent of the user, with a high accuracy rate and instant biometric control system that person ”this” said.

The immigrants who come to attend the poll can give and take the poll with one touch! In addition, the data belonging to 5 million people were searched without using any demographic.



Thanks to the sensors in our system, the system becomes ready when the immigrants approach the kiosk, resulting in an interrogation of the finger or iris by the migrant. We have increased the efficiency of both immigrants and human resources in the system that gives the right person answer in less than 5 seconds without requiring users!

%100 data protection

As is known, the R & D output of the product is produced to provide solutions for difficult conditions; customer satisfaction is so high in alternative usage areas. The ability to work without a network connection, processing 100% data without saving, exception handling for wet and dry fingers, anti-slip algorithms, make the product much more different and competent than the kiosks on the market.

These kiosks were developed and produced for “goodness”. With the same spirit, it can be used flexibly with various processes in many fields such as stadiums, hospitals, public institutions and organizations, land-air-sea ports, prisons and shopping malls.