Iraqi Defense Leaders Came Together in a Papilon Event

Papilon came together with the leaders of Iraqi defense in an event that took place in Baghdad upon the invitation of Iraq’s Department of Criminal Investigations. Leaders from different venues of defense work had the chance to initiate dialogues during the luncheon hosted by Papilon, while Papilon’s Chief of the Executive Board gave a talk detailing the advancements the firm brought to defense sector. Following the oral introduction about Papilon’s unique mindset, guests were introduced to Papilon products through demos.

As part of his speech, Papilon’s general manager Dr. Doğan Demir told the guests that it was very important to come together with representatives from different branches of the sector. Dr. Demir added; “Our aim is to show the world that solitary use of defense-related products does not yield the most desirable results. This is our vision and we derive our sectoral strength from this point of view. This is the reason why our product umbrella comprises of complementary, easily adaptable systems and tools which are shared with you today. As Papilon, we thank to the invitation of Iraq’s Department of Criminal Investigations for making that possible.”


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