Iraqi Criminal Investigations Staff Has Met the World’s Fastest and Most Accurate Biometrical Identification Systems

Irak Kurmayları Dünya’nın En Hızlı ve En Yüksek Doğruluğa Sahip Biyometrik Sistemleriyle Tanıştılar

The Iraqi security committee of the Head of Criminal Department, Fingerprint Department Manager and Crime Scene Investigation Department Manager had paid an important visit to our headquarters for the purpose of security co-operation with the neighboring countries between 24th-29th of September, for 6 days. While the main purpose of this visit was getting to know the state-of-the-art biometrical security and identification systems made in Turkey, field visits were performed to get informed about the usage performance on real cases by law enforcement and main production methods of such technologies were talked over.

Along with this visit, our company’s history, the field of expertise and R&D works were introduced together with the demonstration of our state-of-the-art technology biometrical identification, video analysis, virtual reality and ballistics systems. Throughout these visits, our products demonstrated in our demonstration environment observed with the real working environment throughout Turkey and information was gathered on their work performance.

After performing a comprehensive working program that includes technology transfer about upgrading the national security systems and taking improved individual security technologies under usage, a closure meeting was held with the Iraqi staff of criminal investigations.


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