International MIGRANT Management

We are going through a period of accelerated global migration movements and interestingly it is expected that these movements will increase. Thousands of refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants, etc. are replacing from underdeveloped countries to developed or developing countries every day.

So, is this wave of migration a threat to host country?

Papilon Göç Yönetimi

It can be said that for the country which has elderly populations or decline population growth, immigrant acceptance has positive effects on growth, but host citizens still have much reservations. The people who come from outside, especially under the title of irregular migration, increases the uneasiness.

Is it possible for states to accept foreigners according to their policies as well as to manage the processes of making them social in a way that does not disturb the well-being of the citizens?

Yes, it can do with regular migration management policies and the technologies that serve them.

Papilon personally developed his products as witnesses to the biggest irregular migration movement of the 2000s. After the developments in Syria, Turkey, where millions of people have flocked at once, has also encountered critical masses to be managed when the waves of migration from various countries have been added. In this way, the world’s most sophisticated Integrated migrant management system (RMS) emerged with “R & D on the field”.

PAPILON migration

Papilon RMS developed a system designed to include the following basic functions for foreigners

  • The demographic data of each immigrant, 20 fingerprints with the photograph is recorded with Papilon LS application.
  • During the recording, all system records are questioned by biometric comparison. The process is performed in 7 seconds with all the fingers of 10.000.000 persons compared with Papilon LS ExpressID application.
  • Registration can be done at registration offices or via the Papilon E&I Vehicle (mobile truck), via the Papilon MT Series mobile handheld terminals.
  • Data is instantly shared with law enforcement agencies for background query purposes, and law enforcement agencies are controlled by Papilon APFIS for related incidents and fraudulent identity transactions.
  • After the registration process, the transactions are carried out by questioning the biometric data of foreigners without using identity or documents in all transactions according to the country’s policy. The use of fake identity is completely avoided.
  • These procedures are done with the Papilon Iris Series iris scanner systems for children and babies.
  • Questioning operations are carried out by teams traveling through mobile hand terminals.
  • Within the scope of the notification obligation, the routine control of foreigners is carried out without the operator with the Papilon Kiosk Series kiosks and without any identity with the fingerprints or iris.
  • The entry and exit of hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the living areas of the control regions and guest houses are executed by turnstiles which are carried out through the center, and these turnstiles conduct all security background operations. These turnstiles are made by means of fingerprint and iris without any necessity for identity.

In summary, Papilon RMS is the world’s most advanced holistic International Migrant Management System built on the learned facts. This system is automatically budget-friendly, because there is no need for any ID card, and many costs are eliminated. All processes are implemented and effective security of the processes is ensured. It is the best system that actively manages individuals over real data.