Indian Police is Impressed with Papilon AFIS System and Products

Indian Police, who have started to use Papilon AFIS system and palmprint and fingerprint scanners in some states such as Hyderabad and its districts like Adilabad and Afisabad, are very impressed with the excellent performance of the AFIS (Automated Palmprint and Fingerprint Identification) system and with other Papilon devices.
Speaking to various media organizations, Indian Police officials are indicating that they are equipped with much better capacity in their efforts against criminals since the introduction of AFIS system and biometric identification products. They can identify the suspects in real time from the database and decide easily whether the suspects are real criminals or just innocent citizens, according to the explanations of the Indian Police officials.

They have expressed their excitement also about the Mobile Security Check Device, which is integrated into the Central AFIS system and can be easily attached to any android mobile phone or tablet. They said this mobile system is helping the Police with the true identity of the criminals and their case history in real-time, it saves time and paperwork. In addition to this, they said, as the data in this system is in digital format, it can be easily sent from one police station to another.
The Papilon AFIS system is rapidly being installed in these states and becoming common across the country.


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