Happy International Workers’ Day!

Papilon 1 Mayıs

The principles, beliefs and perceptions that shape the way people look at life are based on presuppositions. These presuppositions include the things we most internalize, find the most natural about life, and our awareness of them is dimming in time because we take them for granted, and believe that it is not possible to think otherwise. As “labor” is the fuel and essence of every social and economic order established on Earth, it is probably the most unseen of all great principles, great mechanisms running beneath the mundaneness of daily life. When we are on our way to work and want to grab a bite, or on our way home for dinner, we are used to finding bakeries open, and the bakers at the side of the tandoor. We are used to seeing buses pass by. So much so that sometimes, in our hustle and bustle, the workers operating these businesses or machines seem as parts of a mechanism, as elements that constitute a system. This may mislead us to focus on the function of the laborer, instead of his identity. Moreover, the “we” mentioned since the beginning of this article is not external to this lack of awareness. We are at the receiving end of this message as much as we are the deliverers of it. Sometimes we are only a sourceless voice for the people whose problems we solve on the phone, or nothing more than a feeling, a reassuring sentiment for the masses we work to keep safe. May 1st is an ideal time to remember that the laborer has an identity and that labor is the lifeblood of life. But this year, with the structure of the global fight against COVID-19 and the necessities of social distancing, this fact is more apparent. Those who bring our bread and water to our door, those who take our orders and deliver them, take our orders, and the amazing healthcare providers who work with an endless devotion for our well-being; those who continue to work in moments when life slows down, make labor and laborer more visible. We see that labor has no point zero, knows no stop. We see that labor keeps people and countries alive. With this awareness, today, we celebrate the International Workers’ Day of Papilon employees and all workers. Happy International Workers’ Day!


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