Government of Ghana Committed to e-Governance Policy

Gana Devleti e-Devletle Güvenliğini Artıracak

Government of Ghana, with its high level of commitment towards achieving the goals of the e-governance policy, continues its efforts to provide a secure and peaceful country. They have initiated projects like the e-immigration, e-parliament, e-procurement, and many others which would automate processes and streamline the use of ICT for citizens’ transformation.
Increasing the accuracy of biometrical applications used for identification and crime scene investigation purposes also falls under this policy. For comparative AFIS/APFIS solutions, niche brands with higher efficiency and accuracy is always a matter of choice along with the famous brands as declared by the Minister of Interior Affairs of Ghana. At this point, we introduced our qualified algorithms in our visit to Ghana, with hopes of providing particular benefits to the security agencies of Ghana, such as the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Immigration Service and Ghana Prisons Service. As Papilon Savunma, we continue to keep our awareness to carry our Turkish made technology to different parts of the world and introduce Criminal Technologies on an international level.

In addition to the Police Force of Ghana, authorities from the Ghana Prisons Service and Ghana Immigration Service also participated to the meetings that took place at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Ghana Police Headquarters in Accra, Ghana. Meetings and discussions with detailed technical sharings had continued for one week.


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