• GK-01

(noun): Fingerprint-based access control system.

What is GK-01?

GK-01 is an access control unit equipped with LS-01 single-fingerprint scanner. Behind its ergonomic design, lies the power and superior performance of LS App and scanners. 

How Does GK-01 Work?

GK-01 is designed as a standalone access control unit that could be used at laboratories that contain market-restricted or hazardous materials, and where important experiments are run or drug formulas are kept; at the entrance of government buildings such as national assemblies or ministries, at the entrance of various units at hospitals, refugee camps, and private enterprises that wish to measure employee efficiency and punctuality. GK-01 compares the fingerprints taken with its embedded, LS-01 scanner and runs them against the digitized fingerprint data stored in the local database. If it finds a match, it triggers the doors and turnstiles to enable access, otherwise, it prevents the attempter from entering the restricted area or premise. As it keeps a rime log, it offers reliable attendance records.

Why GK-01?

1- Flexible Integration Options

GK-01 can be used as a standalone module with automatic doors and turnstiles, but it can also be paired with other biometric modules such as face or iris scanners to offer multi-step accesd control for areas requiring the highest level of security.

2- LS Advantage

GK-01 is equipped with LS-01 flat print scanner and the special membrane coating of the device can differentiate the print from moisture and dirt increasing GK-01’ matching precision and speed.

Where to Use GK-01?

GK-01 can be used;

  • In restricting access to critical centers,
  • In ensuring the safety at refugee camps,
  • In measuring organization efficiency and the punctuality of the employees.

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When Will You Need GK-01?

You will need GK-01 when you want to protect valuable information and assets from ill-intentioned people, when you want to determine how the cumulative effort of your employees/colleagues affected the profitability of your business, and when you want to protect immigrants against attempts of exploitation.

Who Can Use GK-01?

Following its installation, GK-01 works with no need for interference. Users can operate the unit by only putting their fingers on the scanner’s surface.


Fingerprint-based Access Control System


Integratable to APFIS

Stanalone mode

1-N biometric identification

Works close circuit with Ethernet connection

Advanced optical technology

Can be used wirh Android and Linux

Impact resistent design


Scanning quality comlying with FBI and PVI standards.
Instant ID verification through APFIS
Maximum security thanks to read-only Linux opeating system
Order-independent print inquiry system
Fast integration
Embedded trigger unit for automated doors and turnstiles