• Fosko

(noun): Papilon FOSKO, is a criminal evidence photographing kit.

What is FOSKO?

FOSKO is an evidence photographing kit designed to be used in crime scenes for documenting the evidence collected instantaneously. At crime scenes, taking the evidence – especially prints- from surfaces with tapes and fingerprint dust costs time and may cause deterioration in delicate pieces. By enabling the evidence to be documented on the spot, FOSKO both prevents such risks and speeds the investigation. FOSKO’s lighting equipment ensures that the details that are hard to catch with human eye are accentuated to aid the investigators. With FOSKO, investigators can have a thorough and full sense of every evidence discovered. Empowered with the FOSKO insight, they can quickly and accurately solve cases.   

How Does FOSKO Work?

FOSKO comprises of a translucent platform with white lighting, a lightbox with four different lighting options, and a professional camera. White lighting emphasizes the details of evidences taken with tapes and compensates for the possible thinning on the edges and lines due to removal from the surface. Ultraviolet and yellow lighting options can be applied directly or indirectly to the evidence to reveal the full shape and details of especially small pieces. By the use of different lighting equipment and angles, the evidence is photographed under ideal conditions to lead the investigators to the soundest conclusions.   


1- Eliminates the Need for Evidence Extraction

In traditional crime scene investigations, fingerprint dust and tapes are used to accentuate the prints and other bodily traces left at the scene. However, the use of these aids are not always the best course of actions since taking prints from dough and other moldable surfaces such as clay and gum is extremely hard. The sticky nature of the tape lowers the chances of extraction and the dust does not provide the best results on moldable surfaces. Wİth FOSKO, traces left on hard surfaces can be sent to the central dataset, without extraction, to be investigated by forensic experts.

2- Challenging Surfaces

With FOSKO, evidences key for the success of an investigation are protected from deterioration due to extraction from challenging surfaces or waiting time that could cause an evidence to lose its full form. With traditional methods, evidence extraction from sticky and moist surfaces may require the investigators to wait for the surface to dry. With FOSKO, any minute that could be used on solving the case is saved. Using FOSKO crime scene experts could document the evidence with all its peculiarities even with the most challenging surfaces. No wait time, no extraction, the FOSKO difference.

3- Wireless Connection & 3G Options

The evidence collected with FOSKO can be sent to the central APFIS via wireless connection and 3G. This saves considerable time to the investigators, and allows forensic expert to work on multiple cases simultaneously.


4- Four Different Lighting Options

FOSKO’s different light options provide different conditions and allow the professionals to choose the best representation of the 3vidence.

5- White Lighting

FOSKO’s white lighting provides the ideal conditions for the examination of the evidence extracted from surfaces with an extraction tape.

Where to Use FOSKO?

You can use FOSKO in every crime scene setting to guide you on your search for the truth.

When Will You Use FOSKO?

You will need FOSKO when you want to document evidence left on challenging surfaces, when you abandon the traditional ways and leave tape and dust behind, and when you want to examine delicate evidence on the surface, without risking its entirety by using extraction methods.

Who Can Use FOSKO?

The use of FOSKO does not require professional photography training. Following a short tutorial, any crime scene investigator can document evidence using FOSKO.


Criminal Evidence Photographing Kit


Digitization of crime scene prints and pieces of evidence


Light and portable

Integratable to professional cameras


Integratable to APFIS
Wireless data transfer to APFIS
Four different modes
Fast digitization & secure data storage
Embedded battery & wireless use
Automatic focusing thanks to the integrated professional camera



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