For our Future: Distance Education in Pandemic

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Habits are rewritten all over the world. Being a comfort zone for almost all of us, our homes were reorganized to be served for various purposes like office, fitness center, cinema, restaurant, rest area, etc. While we were trying to adapt to this new situation, our children showed up for education. So, it became necessary to establish a new order for our children who are accustomed to have classes in special places assigned for this purpose. How reasonable is it to transfer face-to-face training activities to online platforms in the same time and forms as actually at school building? How much have we arranged our newly ordered houses so as for the efficiency and happiness of our children? If we consider these questions in the long term, how much have we, as adults, fulfilled our responsibility to make a new world for future generations and to have our children to achieve their happiness by their own good habits?

  • Not to study hard but to study properly and effectively.

Taken into account the age groups, forty-minute courses require great investment, devotion and performance, particularly in online platforms. It is a fact that students are not able to concentrate constantly while sitting still for a long time. Teaching elementary school children at a time when they are isolated from various stimuli and when their attention is the highest will provide various advantages both for students and for teachers and parents. By adding some software support to online programs, it is possible to fully analyze such factors as concentration time of the children, proper way of their studying, and the subjects and elements distracting them, and to examine the data thus obtained. Then we can create a pool from where we select the time and material suitable to the pedagogical development of the children, and we can develop reasonable teaching systems suitable to their learning potential and delighting them instead of long and stressful course hours. By using the data so collected, we can prepare a new curriculum and therefore we can guide the students, so they are able to know and manage themselves. 

  • Stable Childhood, Stable Adulthood

As it is told by the elders “You are never too old to learn.” In fact, what is important is to know how to learn. Thanks to the independent learning methods by online possibilities, we could access many more resources than all generations do. We cannot overlook the efficiency provided by offering these possibilities in an organized way with the help of expert trainers. If we take learning out of the standardized triangle of school – etude – private teaching institution and teach the students “how to learn” first, it will help them lifelong. Adopting more fruitful ways of learning rather than classical ones, the students can improve themselves and learn more due to habits, so they form after they come home from school when the pandemic ends. As the students learn better and so their boredom is reduced, they will tread a fine line among learning, having fun and resting, therefore they take a step to be more self-confident, happier, and more successful individuals. In addition, they can go through the proper channels in their choices of profession and lifestyle since they already discover how to be happy and have freedom to get a job that does not require to be in the workplace physically.

  • Apples and Pears and Individual Journeys

Everyone obtained his/her goal with different requirements and different solutions. Having different ways of perceiving, learning, and behaving depending on the age, social life and area of interest, the children are guided to various areas by the personal observations of their teachers. Thanks to teachers who can observe better and put their observations into practice, the students become more efficient in their adulthood. In online courses, it appears much more difficult for the teachers to observe and guide nearly twenty students in small boxes while giving lessons. Our SeeMetrix system reads facial expressions and pupils, and analyzes them successfully, which help the educators not to overlook anything, therefore, to facilitate the works of both teachers and educational institutions. We can educate students effectively and help them to lead a life in the future in an environment where their different needs are observed and recorded in certain standards, and where different teaching methods are developed accordingly. By the observations thus made, course periods, types and materials are specified for the students to show strong sides and manage them. Taken into account both infinite online resources and changing types of work, the best present we can give to our children is to improve the deep-seated ways of learning and offer them the possibilities to realize themselves.


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