Portable Biometric Registration Unit


• FK-3

(noun): Portable biometric registration unit.

What is FK-3?

PAPILON FK-3 is a portable biometric photography registration unit that mainly consists of a web camera and a set of lighting equipment.

How Does FK-3 Work?

With its lighting equipment, FK-3 creates the optimal conditions for biometric photographs to be taken. FK-3’s camera equipment allows bracketing which makes the resulting images precise and high quality. In addition to the biometric photographs of the subjects, FK-3 can also record the unique body marks such as a healed burn, a tattoo, or a birthmark of the subjects. This feature is especially useful when the module is used to register suspects and convicted criminals. These features make the subject easily distinguishable and in the case he or she commits another crime, aid law enforcement officials in tracking the subject. FK-3 can transmit the visual data it takes to any computer connected to the unit. The computer also allows the operators check the quality of the photographs they take, and fix possible problems.

Why FK-3?

1- Mountable Structure

Depending on the intended use, FK-3 can be integrated with many biometric modules and can be used in a wide range of tasks from citizen management to registering suspects.

Papilon Fk3
Papilon FK-3

2- High Quality Visual Data

FK-3 takes high quality headshots and full body shots. These visual data can later be utilized in face recognition systems as well as in suspect and criminal identification. The high quality of the images taken with FK-3 contribute to the accuracy of the face recognition systems.

3- User Friendly Interface

The user-friendly interface of FK-3 guides the operator at every stage of registration. Thanks to the interface, the photographs taken with FK-3 can instantly be digitized and seen on a computer screen. The visual interface allows the operator to detect and fix any problems before the image is sent to the dataset to be stored.

Papilon Cezaevi Güvenliği

Where to Use FK-3?

  • In registering suspects by the law enforcement officers,
  • In collecting the data for the new IDs and e-passports.
  • In registering immigrants into the system and in issuing temporary IDs or residency permits,
  • Building a data pool for access control systems for public and private sector.


International Immigrant Management

Mobile Biometrics Center

Mobile Biometrics Center

Staff and Prisoner Tracking System for Prisons

Staff and Prisoner Tracking System for Prisons

When Will You Need FK-3?

You will need FK-3 when you want to provide high quality visual data for face recognition based access control systems, and want to biometrically register citizens, asylum seekers/grantees, and immigrants.

Who Can Use FK-3?

The use of FK-3 does not require technical knowledge. With the help of its user friendly interface, FK-3 can be operated by personnel from many public and private organizations with ease.


Portable Biometric Registration Unit

Papilon FK3