Biometric Photography Station

Papilon FK2TM

• FK-2T

(noun): Biometric photography station.

What is FK-2T?

FK-2T is a multi-functional biometric photography station. The station consists of a photography stand, LED lamps placed at the bottom and the top of the unit to create ideal lighting conditions and a metal measuring stand that is designed to measure any height between 110 and 180 centimeters. 

How Does FK-2T Work?

Thanks to its adjustable metal measuring stand, FK-2T ensures that the head is perfectly fit into the frame, and the operator does not need to adjust the viewfinder. The precision that is needed to take biometric photographs is thus provided by FK-2T effortlessly. The measuring stand allows the full body image to be taken. This feature is especially useful in registering the suspects and convicted criminals into the monitoring system. Since the features of the face can easily be altered, law enforcement officials refer to the other bodily features captured by FK-2T in cases of criminals evading justice. The opaque texture of the background shutter blocks any external light source from penetrating the frame and affecting the quality or the structure of the photograph. FK-2T’s integrated camera allows criminal investigators to document the unique body marks and tattoos of the suspects and its weighter can weigh up to 140 kgs. Owing to all these components, FK-2T offers a rich set of data about the subjects.

Why FK-2T?

1-  Integrable Structure

FK-2T can be integrated to Papilon fingerprint apps and could be used to take biometric photographs that display the height and weight of the subjects.

Papilon Fk-2t

2- Shadowless Shot

The special lighting system and opaque shutter ensure that the shots taken with FK-2T contain no shadows.

3- All in One Place

Registration number, height and weight are easily displayed in the frame. This feature is especially useful in inmate management as making suspects hold a registration number – which blocks part of the front shot – and re-measuring the suspects in cases of transfers and bails cease to be necessary.

Papilon Savunma - Biyometrik Kimlik İş İstasyonu Fotoğraf Sistemi(FK-2T)
Papilon Savunma - Biyometrik Kimlik İş İstasyonu(MDS-45C) ile Fotoğraf Sistemi(FK-2T)

4- Automatic Start

When FK-2T is chose as the image source during registrations, the system starts automatically.

5- Flexible Use

FK-2T can work with a wide selection of camera brands and models.

Where to Use FK-2T?

FK-2T Can Be Used;

  • In the preparation of e-passports and next generation ID cards,
  • In registering immigrants and asylum seekers/grantees into the system,
  • In registering citizens,
  • In registering suspects.


International Immigrant Management

Mobile Biometrics Center

Mobile Biometrics Center

Staff and Prisoner Tracking System for Prisons

Staff and Prisoner Tracking System for Prisons

When Will You Need FK-2T?

Public organizations such as the law enforcement and citizen management units will need FK-2T when they want to build a rich and inclusive data pool, and when they want to implement the global and contemporary standards in their passports, IDs, and citizen management systems in general. They would need FK-2T also when they want to make domestic security a settled concept to their management rather than an aim or a need.

Who Can Use FK-2T?

Using FK-2T does not require any knowledge of professional photography. Following a short tutorial delivered by our expert team, anyone in public service can use the device.


Biometric Photography Station

Papilon Fk-2t


LED lighting

Adjustable height measurer

Integratable to LS App.

Biometric photographing


Height and weight measurer and photography kit in the same unit
Shadowless shot with special lighting
User-friendly interface
Scar, body mark, and tattoo photographing