• FK-4

(noun): A compact, face-recognition based access control unit that.

What is FK-4?

FK-4 is an access control unit equipped with Papilon’s superior facial recognition algorithms. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, FK-4 can be used by people of all ages without any technical knowledge.

How Does FK-4 Work?

FK-4 is a facial recognition device that is based on a matching algorithm. The facial images (mugshots) of users are collected and stored on a local dataset. Located at entrances, counters, and offices, FK-4 enables or denies access, identifies and verifies the identity of the person in question and serves as a gateway to the services, information, and places the person is entitled to FK-4 use.

Why FK-4?

1- Wide Scanning Range

FK-4 can recognize faces from up to one meter.

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2- Compact Design

FK-4 is a single module, portable unit that fits into the inner aesthetic and flow of every space. Due to its compact design, it is easy to increase the number of units to meet the needs of ever-growing organizations. It is also easy to transfer the device between offices, departments, and organization headquarters.

3- Easy Integration

FK-4 can easily be integrated into turnstile or sliding door based access control units, AI-based licence plate recognition systems and other multi-modular biometric recognition systems.

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4- Optimizes Lighting

FK-4 can be used in many spaces with different types and levels of lighting without worrying about capture quality or recognition precision. The device provides optional artificial lighting to optimize the image and match quality in dimly lit and dark spaces.

5- Heat Sensor

With its added-on infrared heat sensors, FK-4 can detect foreign objects and determine the body heat of a person. The heat sensor can detect additives (such as earpieces) as their heat is different from that of a human body. This prevents attempts of changing one’s look via additives to mislead the system and can detect wearables that could compromise the security of a space. The heat sensor can also be utilized to detect signs of contagious diseases or to detect an agitated mood/unordinary emotional state that could be a harbinger of violent or indecorous conduct.

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6- Contactless Security

As a facial recognition based identity recognition and verification system, FK-4 does not require contact with a device in order to authenticate one’s identity. This feature provides a hygiene-friendly user experience and is particularly advantageous at spaces visited by a large number of people on a daily basis.

Where to Use FK-4?

FK-4 can be used as an access control unit at critical centers demanding maximum security such as nuclear power plants, state laboratories and biodefense organizations, commercial laboratories and IVF centers that contain biological samples and data of a very large number of people. It can be utilized in enhancing the security at state buildings, national assemblies, and councils. At hospitals, FK-4 can be used in limiting access to certain units such as the newborn units, maternity and psychiatric wards, ICUs and NICUs and epidemiology wards. It can also be used at social service organizations and banks both to enhance security and optimize and personalize services. It can be used to keep entry and exit logs of the staff and measure employee efficiency.

When Will You Need FK-4?

Private enterprises need FK-4 to keep staff logs, measure employee(office/store efficiency, measure the visitor and customer density, and to customize services. Banks can use it to direct their customers to the right department and to provide personalized financial consultancy, services, and plans.  At public enterprises, FK-4 serves as an access control unit that solidifies security, but it can also be used to properly receive and host VIP visitors such as diplomatic guests and international overseers, to ensure their security and provide a virtual security escorting system within the premises without worrying the guests. At social service organizations, FK-4 can be utilized to provide customized help and support plans for citizens in need of help. At hospitals, it can be used for density measurements, access control and security enhancement, and to keep medical staff’s on-call logs. It is a functional tool that adds to the quality of both private and public services and increases customer/citizen satisfaction.

Who Can Use FK-4?

FK-4’s use does not require any specific technical knowledge or the presence of an operator. Following the installation, the device operates on its own and can be used by everyone regardless of age or ableness by just looking to a screen.


A compact, face-recognition



Wide scanning range

Compact design

Easy to use and transport

Easy integration

Different lighting options

Heat sensor

Touchless security


Portable device
Appropriate for multimodal use
Automatic recognition that eliminates button pressing & touchless security
Various lighting options