“Fingerprints” Reached From Turkey to the Kingdom

“Parmak izleri” Türkiye’den Krallığa Uzandı.

Papilon Savunma which won the tender started by the Police Forces of Kingdom of Bhutan, realized transformation from inked fingerprint records to digitalized fingerprint records.

The fingerprint and palmprint identification & registration systems used by Turkish Police Forces and Turkish Gendermarie are exported to the Kingdom of Bhutan, a South Asian country. The biometrical system producer Papilon Savunma adopted the Police Forces of the Kingdom of Bhutan’s Automatic Palmprint and Fingerprint Detection & Identification System, after adopting the Turkish Police Forces’ Automatic Palmprint and Fingerprint Identification System, Turkish Gendermarie General Commandership’s Automatic Palmprint and Fingerprint Identification System and Directorate General of Migration Management Fingerprint, Palmprint and Iris based personal identification systems.

In the scope of the Automatic Palmprint & Fingerprint Identification System Project for the Police Forces of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 16 fingerprint and palmprint acquisition and Express identification stations and 2 fingerprint & palmprint coding and comparison workstations specially developed for fingerprint and palmprint experts are activated. The system’s data capacity consists of 1 million of tenprint records (palmprints, photos, demographics included) and 10 thousand laten fingerprint and palmprints. These numbers may seem small when compared to Turkey, but if it is considered that the Kingdom of Bhutan’s current population is around 750 thousand, it will be seen that there is an important capacity of data.

Source: Anadolu AjansıHürriyetAydınlıkMemleket


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