Papilon face recognition software is behind high quality face scanners, its gesture and emotion recognition, real time face recognition and skeleton analysis applications. It compares the pre-recorded data with faces in photos, video frames, or live footage, depending on the needs of the specific application, and performs identification and identity verification.

A face recognition software based on recorded visual materials such as photographs and videos

PYUZ is Papilon’s face recognition software that does face recognition from photographs and videos. Unlike some face recognition systems, PYUZ is able to recognize faces from moving image, such as videos or CCTV footage. This feature allows PYUZ to run queries from videos, and is especially useful in processing visual evidence collected from crime scenes. Thanks to it, suspects and criminals can easily be identified from security footage. Thanks to its cross-referencing feature, PYUZ can run inquiries from video footage in the photograph dataset and the vice versa.

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Real Time Face Recognition Software

Face recognition softwares can be classified as the ones that perform recognition from recorded vşsual materials such as videos and photographs, and the ones that do real-time face recognition by comparing a person’s face to a set of visuals kept in the dataset. SnapFace is a face recognition software that does the latter.

Have you ever said; “I know this guy from somewhere.” while watching a movie or your favorite TV series? Or have you ever missed the chance of watching a movie, a small excerpt of which you saw somewhere, in full because you did not know who starred in it? Have you ever said; “What was the movie this blue-eyed woman stars in?” or felt sorry that the search engines are not yet capable of finding the answers to such questions?  



Papilon’s 3D figure modelling software

KLIM 3D is a figure modelling system that is used in suspect identification and tracking. In cases where eyewitnesses relay differing description of the suspect, KLIM 3D can create multiple models that match each description and create a single model that bring overlapping points of said descriptions together. Compared to hand-drawn models and models created with common graphics softwares, KLIM 3D is both more reliable and considerably faster.

A software development kit that could be used in face recognition, liveness detection, and gesture and emotion analysis applications

As the name tells, Papilon Face SDK is a kit that has a rich code library and can be used in building various applications.