Erkan Gürkan Shared His Experiences with Papilon Employees

As part of Papilon Development Panels, we hosted Mr. Erkan Gürkan, former KOSGEB chair and a current board member at URAK (International Competition Research Institution), at our headquarters. Mr. Gürkan shared his experiences with Papilon employees both from business and personal growth perspectives. Describing right business models and management strategies, Mr. Gürkan stressed the importance of ethical and philosophical concerns, and spoke of “justice” as a key component of successful enterprise-building. Mr. Gürkan emphasized that adding value to the sector, to the business scene, and to one’s country is more about vision and principles than generating profit. Mr. Gürkan talked about how an employee can position himself or herself at the center of his or her vision about the workplace or the sector, and how this view could transform refinement of character into the refinement of a business. We sincerely thank Mr. Gürkan for his contributions and hope that we could further benefit from his wisdom and experiences in the future.


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