We get at the airport hours ago before flight to feel ourselves safe against crowd that may be encountered while going abroad. We check-in online to gain time, but to go through passport control we come into passport control line earlier to avoid the crowd, thereby we lose time that we gained before.

As one of the newest technologies e-gate which was developed for border safety is appropriated and enhanced for the necessities of law enforcers, put into practice with a Biometric Integrated Automatic Pass System.

Especially it became preferable because it provides pass control end-to-end by allowing the police officers to observe that process. But, the passengers loved it more. We can board a plane bypassing the passport control without any waste of time.


How Does It Work?

The Process of Biometric Integrated Automatic Pass System which make us gain time could be summarized in two stages:
Firstly, the documents of the passengers (passports, smart identies, etc.) are controlled by the system automatically. Then, the controls such as Black List, Criminal Record Check, Restriction, and Illegal Pass are performed over the biometric verification (fingerprint, face, iris) and Security Information System. Papilon BEOGS, supported by a skeleton analysis-tracking system, prevents multiple transitions and identifies illegal border crossing attempts.

In terms of operational and passenger safety, integration is a system seen as the most advanced, effective high safety standard for the passengers and

border security worldwide.


System is comfortable for passengers, and that provides 8 times faster pass by comparison with conventional technique. Also, for law enforcers system which is recorded step-by-step works 7 days 24 hours without any human errors, and allows catching criminals automatically. System increases the efficiency of law enforcement, so decrease of security gaps in airports could be observed over statistics.

It is not enough to assess the system only from the perspectives of law enforcers and passengers, but it also important for airport operations. System is also valuable for them by allowing to host customers in a safe atmosphere, thereby they can take a high profit. System provides an opportunity for operations to expand their capacity with the new technological systems


Became the most Successful Process of Biometric Integrated Automatic Pass System