The Country that Reaches a New Youth Every Year

Papilon 19 Mayıs

The future of every revolution, every major change, and every people that has nested itself in the bosom of the earth is dependent on the ability to renegerate and on youth. However, this “youth” is nıt ıf a sort that could be determined with the simple math of counting years as it is more a character than a developmental state. This youth is defined by an innate dynamism, a will and ability to generate and and endless zeal and energy. This type of youth is praised in our Tenth Year Anthem, written and composed to celebrate the first decade of a young Republic of Turkey. In this age of revolutions and transformations, the need for such youth is more apparent than ever. The fourth phase of the industrial revolution, the transformation of the society that is being washed with waves of emerging technology made this kind of youth and ability to refresh prerequisites to compete in the global race for sustainable development and welfare. The longevity and the successful evolution of all things new and all things refreshed now depends on a young mindset that is ready to grasp and further all these changes.. This is why, as the first quarter of the 21st century nears its end, our Day of Youth has also evolved. Now it belongs not only the youth of this country, but to all with a young mindset. Thanks to you, we know that we will not lose any race, that we will advance, and will not ever be short of energy and enthusiasm. Happy Day of Youth to all who think young, act young and live young!


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