Central Biometric Security System for Nuclear Power Plants


Today’s Smart Centers Will Provide Energy to Tomorrow’s Smart Cities

PAPILON Nükleer Santral Güvenliği

From devices to homes, from institutions to cities, being classified as “smart” is an indicator of quality and comfort. This require thinking access control in the context of smart systems Because, wouldn’t it be ironic if you activated your IoT supported combi from work as the day ends, and struggled to open your door because you left your key at the workplace with the haste of having the rest of the evening to yourself in the comfort and warmth of your house. Access control is an integral part of changing urban landscape, and when even homes are benefiting from it, protecting critical centers such as labs and nuclear power plants with traditional methods would be an even bigger irony. In this connected world, staying out of this wide and enabling net would be at your disadvantage.

Hesitating about where would you like to stand in this net and at which point you would join this revolution will bring you nıthing but a burdensome fuss. Biometric systems are becoming smarter and smarter, and they are rapidly becoming scalable, adaptable, easy to integrate and connect. This fitness for the main theme of our times, connectedness makes biometric security fully trustable, singular, and easy to benefit from. Thus, relying on traditional methods for critical centers security would be an inefficient and discordant way to go

Let us fortify your power plants with our centrally-controlled smart biometric systems.

Did you know that behind most security breaches at critical centers lie stolen personnel IDs and PINs?

PAPILON Nükleer Santral Güvenliği
PAPILON Nükleer Santral Güvenliği

Only Your Biometric Data

is Fully Yours, It is Unique, It Cannot be Copied, Lost or Stolen

We use multiple biometric identifiers for enhanced security. This is called multi-model biometric systems or multi-biometrics.

We follow every step from the entrances to the exits with multiple biometric verification.


Biometric Vehicle Recognition and Vehicle X-Ray

The vehicle entrance points we establish comprise of multiple checkpoints. Every vehicle that enters the center is first scanned to every nook and corner with a vehicle X-Ray. On the way to the second checkpoint, we have a plate recognition system based not on the traditional OCR but artificial intelligence for higher accuracy, and determine whether the vehicle is authorized to enter the complex. On the second checkpoint, we perform iris and facial scanning to determine whether the driver is also authorized or whether the vehicle and the driver matches. This three-step verification ensures that the center is protected against all possible scenarios from unauthorized access to access misuse.

Fingerprint and Iris Scanner-Integrated Turnstiles and X-Ray Scanner for Belongings

At the main entrances of the centers, we perform fingerprint or iris scanning to verify the identities of pedestrians.

If the incoming persons are visitors or new employees  unregistered into the system, our biometric registration station is at your service to take the encrypted iris and facial data of access-requesting persons into the central database. Through the inventory and belonging X-Ray, we make sure that all the items are screened before being admitted into the complex.

Through the cameras placed on every floor and area, we keep record of the places the guests visited during their time at the center.

We monitor every visitor

via our net of cameras encircling all floors and areas constantly and can offer a full and consistent map of their whereabouts.

Facial Recognition and Movement Maps

Every employee and visitor in the complex is is monitored via facial recognition and their movement maps indicating the places they visit during the day are created and kept within the system for reference purposes in cases of necessity.

We repeat the biometric recognition process on every floor.

Instant Facial Recognition via CCTV

ia CCTV cameras installed in and out of the complex, we conduct  extensive identification and verification.

In case of unauthorized access attempts to certain areas, our automatic warning system gets activated and the attempt is blocked. This ensures that the full control of and access to the whole complex is fairly apportioned among the employees with regard to the rank and responsibilities, and encourages workplace collaboration in addition to strengthening the security.

Since all these modules are maintained and monitored from one central system, when needed, the security and access data can be compiled fully and coherently and aid the managing authorities to assess the overall security of their critical centers.