Cameroonian Minister Visited the Minds Behind the World’s Largest Central Biometric System

Dünya’nın En Büyük “Merkezi Biyometrik Sistemi” Kurucusuna Kamerun Savunma Bakanı Assomo’dan Özel Ziyaret

On January 28, 2018, following his contacts in Turkey’s Ministry of Defense, Cameroon’s Defense Minister Joseph Beti Assomo paid a special visit to Papilon, the brand behind the world’s largest central biometric system, along with a delegation from Turkish Defense Ministry to hear perspectives on how to improve the security systems in a way that complies with his country’s needs.

Papilon, the high-tech firm who provides high security biometric systems to the world, hosted Mr. Assomo at iits headquarters in Tandoğan, Ankara.

Mr. Assomo, who stated that he visited the company to observe Papilon’s solutions on the scene, to learn more about possible solutions to the security-related issues of his country, and to overcome the challenges Cameroon faces in the field of defense noted. “We have seen as a result of our formal contacts here that Turkey’s defense industries are quite advanced. It has been especially rewarding to hear about solutions that are accommodated to the specific needs of countries. We in hope of continuing our dialogue.” 


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