Bullet and Cartridge Case Scanner

• BS-16

(noun): Papilon’s bullet and cartridge case scanner.

What is BS-16?

In crimes involving the use of firearms, the key pieces of evidence that lead law enforcement officials to the perpetrator are bullets and cartridge cases. Using these pieces of evidence, the police is able to track the gun from which these are fired, and eventually find the suspect. BS-16 scans bullets and cartridge cases under different lighting conditions to detect the peculiar marks left on the cartridges and cases during firing. 

How Does BS-16 Work?

Thanks to its variety of cartridge case and bullet holders, BS-16 scans both bullets and cartridge cases despite being considerably smaller than the standard ballistic scanners in the market which are able to scan either cartridge cases or bullets. Many ballistic scanners create 3D models by sending rays to the object from all side. Circling the object with rays requires a design that envelops the object and makes the average ballistic scanner the size of a refrigerator. BS-16, on the other hand, has a design that easily fits on a tabletop. This is due to BS-16’s moving scanner head. The scanner’s head determines depth by moving closer to and further away from the object and sends rays from different distances. That way, the object can be reconstructed in 3D  form without the need for encircling the object in rays. Following the scanning, the digitized model is sent to the coding module.

Why BS-16?

1- Scanning Bullets and Cartridge Cases with One Device

Unlike the standard ballistic scanner, BS-16 is able to scan both bullets and cartridge cases.

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2- Short Scanning Time

BS-16 completes the scanning of cartridge cases in one and a half minutes, the scanning of bullets take three minutes. The scanning time for BS-16 is considerably shorter than those of the scanners available in the market.

3- All It Takes is One Click

BS-16 scans up to ten cartridge cases automatically. This allows ballistic experts to effectively multitask without wasting time on running the models separately.

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4- Portable Size

Owing to its ergonomic design, BS-16 can be used portably and allows the experts to analyze objects in the field.

5- Different Equipment

Thanks to its different apparata, BS-16 can scan bullets and cases of different calibers.

Where to Use BS-16?

BS-16 is used by law enforcement officials to solve crimes committed by firearms.

When Will You Need BS-16?

You will need BS-16 when you want to solve crimes committed with firearms.

Who Can Use BS-16?

BS-16 is a user-friendly device. Following a short tutorial, law enforcement personnel can use the device with ease                                             


Bullet and Cartridge Case Scanner


User friendly design

Ability to scan both cartridge cases and bullets

Wide choice of holding equipments for scanning objects of different sizes

Different lighting options


Fast Scanning
Scanning in 2D and 3D
Mobile Design
Suitable for on-site operations
Scan on-the-go