Bahrain Law Enforcements Visited Papilon Headquarter

Bahreyn Kolluk Güçleri Papilon Merkezi’ni Ziyaret Etti

Papilon Savunma, rolled out the welcome mat for the important guests from the Kingdom of Bahrain in the company headquarters. General security and detailed biometrical application methods are discussed in the meetings with the participation of the Criminal Department Head of Bahrain, Head of Fingerprints Department of Bahrain and five employees of Papilon in the related field.

Detailed demonstrations of Biometrics and Ballistics Systems and Products had continued four days. Within this period, visits on the field about our continuing projects in the Directorate of Criminal Department and Directorate of Passports Department have been realised. The authorities who have comprehensive experience in these field could fined the opportunity to measure and evaluate by testing the systems and feedbacks from the real users.


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