• Baby Footprint Scanner

(noun): A footprint scanner specifically designed to scan the foot, toe, and thenar prints of newborn babies.

What is Baby Footprint Scanner?

Routine hospital procedures for the newborn babies include footprinting. Since many of the newborns are not officially named at this stage, footprints are used both in identifying the baby, and matching  the baby with the mother. The footprint is kept in a dossier with the name, address, and the fingerprint of the mother. Papilon Baby Footprint scanner is designed to digitize this process to produce high quality, and reliable biometric data, and prevent any misconduct.

How Does Baby Footprint Scanner Work?

The prints taken with Papilon’s Baby Footprint Scanner are linked to the mother’s thumbprints and kept in a database. Later, the baby’s footprints or the mother’s thumbprints could be used to run inquiries and verify the baby’s identity.

Why Baby Footprint Scanner?

Traditionally, this procedure is performed with ink-printing. However, compared to adults, babies’ finger and footprints are delicate and not as firmly engraved on skin. This causes ink print not to capture the papillary ridges fully, and expose families to the risk of life-altering mistakes.  With Papilon’s Baby Footprint Scanner, “This baby’s mother is X.” becomes a technologically and reliably proveable statement.

Its digital footprints will take you to your baby.

Who Can Use Baby Footprint Scanner?

Its user-friendly interface allows hospital personnel to use the device following a five minute tutorial.