Automated Finger and Palm Print Identification System

• Apfis

(noun): Automated finger and palm print identification system. Papilon’s signature service.

What is APFIS?

APFIS is a software that stores and runs the inquiries of all the prints collected and scanned by stable, mobile, and handheld Papilon devices. APFIS can be used in both civil and criminal procedures.

How Does APFIS Work?

APFIS is a software equipped with a central database and a superior matching algorithm. It stores the biometric profiles sent to the central system and manages the inquiry requests coming from all Papilon scanners and workstations.

APFIS digitizes and processes the prints, and accentuates the details. Standard fingerprint identification systems mark only the unique marks known as “minutiae” on a part. In contrast, APFIS first extracts a skeleton from the scanned print and puts the peculiarities of the print in context. This contextualization is called; “fingerprint mapping”. With fingerprint mapping, the distance between two “minutiae” points is automatically determined by the system by counting the dermal papillae between them. That way, the experts can instantly see whether the patterns match or not, and an analysis that could otherwise take hours can be completed in a matter of minutes. APFIS help experts focus on the points that that will influence their decision and saves time.

The APFIS database stores the slap impression and rolled prints of every subject registered within the system. It adds demographic data and face image recorded by different Papilon equipment to these prints and create dossiers known as “tenprint cards”. Tenprint cards offer a complete and well-contextualized reference set for each individual. The prints of known – or ordinarily registered – persons are kept in OP (tenprint) dataset whereas the prints belonging to unknown persons and collected from crime scenes are kept in OY (crime scene) dataset. While running a print within the system, APFIS inquire the print in both datasets. If a known person’s print matches a crime scene print, it means that the suspect is identified. If more than one crime scene prints match, this provides a linkage point between two cases and the cases can be investigated parallelly or merged. In the cases where a known person’s print matches another known-print, crimes such as identity fraud and document forgery can be detected and duly punished.


1- Fast and Reliable Inquiry

APFIS has an exceptional %99.9 accuracy rate in tenprint-to-tenprint inquiries. This makes APFIS a truly reliable system when judged even by the high standards of scientific truth. Besides, APFIS’ exceptional accuracy rate does not require you to sacrifice speed to get the best results. A print sent to APFIS can be inquired among eighty million records in minutes. This process takes hours, even days, with standard fingerprint identification systems.

Papilon Apfis
Papilon Apfis

2- No-Clipping

Common biometric identification systems clip the print to speed to shorten the inquiry return time. Thus, peculiarities remaining out of the one-inch “inquiry print” get excluded from comparisons. Although this causes minimal advantage with respect to the system’s speed, introduces the risk of mismatching. APFIS inquires prints in their entirety, without clipping and does not sacrifice speed while doing that.

3- File Based System

APFIS does not use external cloud systems or third party databases to store the vast amount of prints. Instead, the prints are stored in a file-based storage system specifically designed for APFIS. The file-based system protects the data stored in APFIS against malware, and glitches. A glitch or malware affecting one file could not spread to the others. This prevents catastrophic scenarios such as mass data loss or theft. The fact that re-registering one individual is far less expensive and requires little effort makes APFIS a cost-effective system.

Papilon Apfis
Papilon Apfis

4- Data Security

Standard fingerprint identification systems in the market store an image of the print. This makes the biometric data of citizens vulnerable to cyber-attacks, data, and even identity theft. Papillon respects persons’ privacy and turns the scan into a digital code. When a print is run for identification or verification purposes, the same digital code is run against other digitized print data. To solidify its stance on data security, Papilon stores the digitized fingerprint data in its own format. That way, if the data gets exported by unauthorized subjects, the files could not be opened.

5- Collaboration Between System Components

The digitization and compression of prints are done by Papilon scanners and workstations. Thus, the files arrive at APFIS for inquiry in the ideal format that provides ultimate speed, file security, and accuracy.

LS - 4421
Papilon Forinsic

6- Automatic Crime Scene Print Coding

Prints of known persons are directly sent for inquiry whereas the crime scene prints are first sent to a coding module for restoration and compensation. The prints collected from crime scenes could be deformed, spoiled, or faded due to the effects of time and fingerprint removing tape. The coding module extracts the fingerprint skeleton and restores faded or deformed parts eliminating the need for full manual coding which might cost significant and valuable time that could otherwise be used in tracking the suspects down. After automatic coding, a fingerprint expert checks the code and, in cases of need, makes adjustments. Thus, the accuracy of crime scene print matches can be guaranteed.

7- Suitable for International Use

APFIS is designed with the need for collaboration between law enforcement authorities, security agencies, and the needs of agencies with international authority such as Interpol. To support the international-collaboration between law enforcement agencies and global fight on terror, APFIS can convert the files from Papilon format to ANSI/NIST, FBI, Interpol and other universally-accepted file formats for collaborative use.

Papilon Apfis

Where to Use APFIS?

APFIS can be used;

● In registering citizens, by law enforcement and public service officials,

● In international biometric data management processes,

● In immigration management by corresponding public agencies,

● In registering and identifying suspects by the law enforcement and military authorities,

● In compiling a patient’s health records and storing them in a central database by ministries of health and other authorized agencies.






When Will You Need APFIS?

You will need APFIS;

● When you want to bring your country’s citizen management procedures p to speed by using latest technology,

● When you want to implement an efficient immigration management system,

● When you want to identify suspects quickly, solve cases before the traces get cold, solve cases that remain unsolved due to lacking technology, prevent identity theft and fraud, document forgery,and want justice to be served in the crimes committed by known persons who are actively trying to evade justice.

● When you want to store complete records of people’s medical history in a central dataset to allow authorized medical professionals perform spot-on diagnoses and fitting treatments.

● When you want to perform accurate and reliable identity checks in the field.

Who Can Use APFIS?

APFIS is a system that is specifically designed for the use of public authorities to store and manage the biometric data of a whole country. Fingerprint comparisons and matched performed by APFIS play a key role in many judicial decisions meaning that using APFIS is more a responsibility than an ability. This is why, the ideal user of APFIS are fingerprint and biometrics specialists who have professional training in the area and are authorized to view and use the citizens’ biometric data for legitimate purposes and within the boundaries of the law.


Automated Finger and Palm Print Identification System


Papilon finger and palm print scanners offer %12 increase in print quality and %20 increase in identification accuracy.

APFIS software uses slap impression prints whose use increase inquiry accuracy by %11.

APFIS has a %99.99 accuracy rate for tenprint matching verified by real customers.

APFIS has a tested %91 rate of bringing up the right candidate at the top of the match list.


Automatic fingerprint inquiry from face shots or photofit sketches
Allows all accompanying documents to a profile such as demographic data and statistics to be printed
Integratable to other biometric datasets
Side-by-side comparison
Performs cross-examinations using all the data types entered into the APFIS system

Papilon’s live-scanning fingerprint scanners are designed to capture fingerprints and send them to a database for later inquiries. Each scanner is designed to be used in different situations and equipped with various capabilities that fit to the security needs of different organizations. Thanks to their impact-resistant design, Papilon fingerprint scanners can be carried to every corner of the world and are suitable to be used in the field. They can operate under extreme environmental and climatic conditions, and excessive moisture.


Live Scanner

LS- 4421

Live Scanner
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Finger and Palm Print Scanner

LS - 1101

Finger and Palm Print Scanner
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Flat Print Scanner

LS - 01

Flat Print Scanner
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Flat and Rolled Fingerprinting

LS - 11

Flat and Rolled Fingerprinting
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Not: Test sürüşüne katılmak isteyen tüm paydaşlarımızın See&Sign web sitemizden bize ulaşmalarını bekliyoruz. Test sonrası uygulamalar en kısa sürede kullanıma sunulacaktır.