Afghani Delegation Attended A Papilon Workshop

Afganistan Heyeti Papilon’da Workshopa Katıldı

Officials from Afghan Islam Republic’s Office of the President and the National Police Force were hosted in Papilon headquarters. As part of a four-day program, the delegation attended various Papilon workshops. 

During the meetings that commenced with a workshop on identification systems, and the fight against crime and terrorism, it has been determined that the current systems in Afghanistan fall short of efficiently addressing the country’s problems.

Papilon’s experts informed the Afghani officials on their country and issue-specific solutions and communicated their suggestions on how to reach the optimal level of efficiency.

Following the workshops, field visits have been organized to several department within the Directorate of National Police with the aim of generating fruitful dialogues. During the visits, the Afghani delegation observed the practical impact of Papilon’s solutions on the work of law-enforcement. 

Papilon’s personnel who stressed the importance of biometric identification systems for public safety, said: “The feedback we received from our Afghani guests regarding our constantly updated and renewed systems, our research and development activities, and production was quite positive. It is our sincere hope that these meetings contribute to security and defense projects of Afghanistan.”


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