In today’s world where multi-step authentication is the norm, for public and private organizations and critical centers using multiple technologies for safety is a necessity rather than going the extra mile. Papilon access control systems offer high security combine traditional security measures such as automatic doors and turnstiles with biometric modules. Multiple biometric modules can be combined in one module to offer top level security. Papilon’s access control systems serve many purposes including measuring employee efficiency, limiting access to critical centers, laboratories, newborn units and ICUs. Plus, their flexibility allows for many modular combinations and areas of use to emerge.


GK-01 is an access control unit equipped with LS-01 single-fingerprint scanner. Behind its ergonomic design, lies the power and superior performance of LS App and scanners. 


Biometric-Integrated Turnstile Systems

Papilon’s biometric-integrated turnstile solutions can be used in conjunction with any Papilon scanner, or can be used to build multi-modular systems that benefit from more than one biometric measure to provide top-level security. Multi-modular systems are especially useful in the context of immigration management as different scanners ensure that people of all ages could be checked with ease.