Thanks to Papilon’s flexible access control units, access to borders, laboratories that use and produce market-restricted and hazardous material, conduct important experiments, and store formulas to licensed or exclusive drugs, nuclear power plants, government archives where secret and top secret documents are kept, and many units at hospitals can be monitored and managed to ensure the security at these places.


The rise of terrorism on a global scale created a heightened need for security Supplying areas that exhibit such a need with more security personnel is both ineffective and invasive since multiple manual security checks may cause distress to passengers and visitors. Papilon, recognizing that today’s security needs are multi-faceted, designed BEOGS, to provide high-level security without jeopardizing citizens’ rights. Thanks to BEOGS, all those burdensome security checks at airports can be replaced with just passing from a door.

Biyometric-Integrated License Plate Recognition System

Papilon’s biometric-integrated license plate recognition system is designed to be used as a multi-step access control unit to protect critical centers such as nuclear power plants, laboratories where drug formulas are kept, or market-restricted and hazardous materials are kept, centers that focus on military technology,  and government buildings where security risks are imminent.

Papilon Video Monitoring System

Papilon Video Monitoring System is a video-based security system designed for the use of shopping malls, schools, private, and public enterprises The system is equipped with features that set it apart from the standard CCTV system in the market.

Güvenlik İzleme Sistemi
Papilon PARS

Access radar

Access Control and Efficiency Measuring Systems

Papilon Access Radar is an efficiency measurement and access control system that can comprise of different modules depending on the user’s needs. Ot may consist of biometric units such as finger and palm print scanners, iris scanners and face recognition technologies as well as AI-based technologies such as license plate recognition systems, and with automatic gates and turnstiles.