A Zestful Welcome to 2020!

2020’ye Hep Birlikte Merhaba!

As the new year awakens with a golden lining through our horizons, as Papilon Family, we wanted to share our plans, hopes, and desires for 2020, and came together for an early New Year Party. The party started with the speech of our board chairman, Mr. Murat Kerimoğlu. During his speech, Mr. Kerimoğlu stressed the trust and belief Papilon puts in its employes, and how that belief is vital for smoothly running an organization that benefits from the professional energy and effort of many people. Throughout the event, that energy was exalted as the biggest and most valuable asset Papilon has to realize its plans for the future. Then, the oldest and newest among us talked about Papilon’s adventure and the current image of the firm as they see it. Last week, we overcame a hard challenge as to choose gifts without havşng the slightest clue about the recipient. During the party, we shared those gifts with our colleagues. Our Value Team organized such a lottery to ensure that our party has the excited, curious, and hopeful spirit of the new year. The lottery achieved its goal, and made sure that we each put a piece from us into it, and that piece spread wide and connected each member of the Papilon family to each other. As Papilon, we wish you loads of  hope, excitement, and energy for the new year, and that you have a blissful, healthy, and productive 2020!


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