A Wind of Change

Nowadays, a wind of change heaving up our anchor blows through Papilon. Today, our new CEO Mr. Oral Tugay Tuntaş held a warm up meeting to communicate his vision and plans for our future. During his address, Mr. Tuntaş said that he values the capabilities and the vision brought to the table by all employees and in the coming days a visible effort will be set to hone those capabilities and broad that vision. Vowing to remove all the barriers between employees and their goals of personal growth, Mr. Tuntaş noted that investing in employees’ education also means investing in the company’s future. He stated that he was impressed by the dynamism and the warm atmosphere of the firm and said that he will put these qualities into good use in the coming days. Mr. Tuntaş noted that we will set our course with the guidance of our customers and stressed that we owe them sustainable innovation, high productivity, and ethical integrity to ensure that each and every solution we roll out fits perfectly into the social fabric without causing any disparity or disharmony in return. On that note, we welcome Mr. Tuntaş and I would like to express that we are looking forward to building Papilon’s future together.

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