A Visit To Our Sister Nation

Papilon Haberler

Recently, a group from Papilon was the guest of Ersin Tatar, the current PM of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. During the meeting, which took place in the warm and amicable atmosphere between two nations, the Papilon team and Mr. PM discussed the future of two countries. The importance and value of heading to a safe and peaceful future shoulder to shoulder as sister nations was repeatedly emphasized by both parties. In addition to the presentation of Papilon solutions, the meeting witnessed zealous talks about the possible cooperations between two states to improve regional security and to become influential actors shaping the future of advanced technology. Our team returned to the homeland with the awareness that the two nation share not only a rich and rooted history and a beautiful language, but also the same vision and high goals. The meeting honed our belief that such shared ideals will carry the two countries to a prosperous future.


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