A New Era for Our Trade Plans with Russia: The Russia Landings

Papilon Savunma participated to the 13th meeting of Turkish-Russian Joint Industries Working Group which was hosted by Turkey’s Ministry of Industry and Technology. The 13th collaboration protocol was signed by senior officials from both countries at a receptşon attended by many public officials and private sector representatives. The protocol represents an important attempt to resolve the problems of Turkish companies operating in Russia, to construct new partnerships between the firms of two countries, and to increase the Russian investments within Turkish borders. 

Turkey’s Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Mr. Hasan Büyükdede stated that they expect new collaborations in many sectors. “The new era will enable tech trade between Russia and Turkey and will allow both Turkish and Russian entrepreneurs start new companies on their own or in collaboration with the other nation’s business people on both Turkish and Russian soil.” Mr. Büyükdede noted. 


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