A Message from Papilon Family

Papilon Covid 19

Nowadays, countries around the globe are battling with a wide-scale pandemic caused by a virus known as COVID-19, and Turkey is no exception. The virus threats the dailylife, the global economy, and many structures that are ossified in the mechanism of societies, but above all; the human life. As Papilon, we are aware that the new regulations upon social life that are brought by the pandemic might be worrying and unsettling, but we also know that the citizens of the world are well aware that this atmosphere of slowing down and caution is for the benefit of all. As Papilon Savunma, we would like to remind you that the sense of loneliness and powerlessness that might be brought by isolation is mislead,ng, and the world stands in solidarity more than ever. We believe that we will overcome this crisis with the help of social awareness and genuine care for others. Suffering and problems have the power to join people together as allies, and since this is a crisis at the global scale, it erases all differences and conflicts and brings us together as human beings though we may seem far away and apart from each other. Following the advice and guidance of global health authorities, we believe that we will reach the end of this process stronger and better prepared for possible re-occurences or other possible pandemics cases in the future. We wish the people of the world strengthg, patiencei and good health alon the way


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