1.Discover the discovery, explore the undiscovered.

There is no “I” in the team.

3.Do not receive a document that you can not work; don’t race until you are sure of your success; Create standarts for everyone; Never make promises that you can not keep.

4.There is nothing bad of being ineligible; it’s really bad not to realize it.

5. We focus on technologies serving to public welfare rather than warfare

6. Our organization’s energy efficiency rating is low, we spend plenty of ATP

7. There are three groups of RICH potential customers, who have not met us yet;

  • Institutions that give PLENTY of money to a few famous brands

  • Institutions that give LITTLE money to the assembled codes from here and there, or to the under the counter devices

  • Public and private sector institutions having decision makers involved in the production adventure other than the expected task without actually calculating the cost

8.We include our family members and anyone who cares about us to our work environment. It is known that the knowledge becomes innovation exponentially with our loved ones.