Papilon Savunma is a high technology company with an efficient engineering and production capability. It focuses its units on three main goals:

  1. Strong State
  2. Happy and Peaceful Citizens
  3. Comfort Life

Though our focuses have many sociological bases, our main task is not only to use the state of the art technology in this field, but also produce it and take a place within the building of a trailblazing society.

By this perspective, we present advanced technology to the countries to serve our strong state focus. We tell them that they have other alternatives than the monopolist suppliers, and provide opportunity for them to open a new page for internal and public security applications.

By our recreative technology, we help to use the budget effectively and support to save resources. Also, we provide our technology to make a revolution on fight against crime and criminal, under the awareness of speed (efficiency) and accuracy (effectivity) based on the favor for all citizens.

With 100% customer satisfaction, the end to end intelligence, device, system and service four up that we provide, fulfills public and private sector needs under our holistic view.

A citizen, as an individual, should trust the state and the justice system. Such trust is an important criteria for national development. Demanding provisions that affect the welfare from the state is a basic right of the citizens. So, the state has to choose the right technology to end and prevent chaos. States must establish happiness and peace to make the right citizen shall take his/her right.

Probabilistic nature of the decision systems are known by all. Such approach created opportunity to achieve “righter decision” by the machines get more intelligent and take more place in our lives each passing day. As the state makes the decision system more functional, the citizens could obtain the public services, therefore contribution to the public welfare is improved. The citizens expect the criminal to be found or innocence to be proved as soon as possible when needed. Not just the law enforcement, but also reliable function of all public services (health, title deed, population services, telecommunication, voting, education and so on) is one of the most basic expectation of a citizen. Social welfare decrease because of the failures, time waste by the system malfunctions and most importantly, wrong decisions are directly related to the technology chosen by the state.

With our technological know-how accumulation in decades, dynamical& transformationalist organizational structure, self-renewing, exploring mentality, we wanted to be the “right decision” when the technology choice of the public and private sector for the technologies that concerns the social and individual welfare.

Under this perspective, by the year 2019, our surveys on the customers in the 6 countries that we do business show that we can provide faster, more accurate and more efficient technologies compared to the well-known companies in the market.

Expectations of the individuals are not limited only by ensuring safety and provide services seamlessly. The safety of course has the utmost importance, yet after providing public and individual safety, the individuals also expect a comfortable life.

Caring about the comfort of our employees made us find out that the main expectation to maximize the individual comfort is from the technology. Different experiences by virtual reality, closer machines to the human being by learning algorithms, systems that knows the value of time started to being kept said for the next 10 years, and became a task to be fulfilled for the technology itself to be realized.

3 years ago, we asked ourselves, how can we make the capabilities and experiences that we have to serve to improve human comfort. Our first answer was by patience and stability. If you have worked for 10 years to produce a sophisticated technology, you can understand that how much effort and stable work is required to productize a transformationalist new technology. The transformationalist technologies that take place on the media from time to time could not be produced in a short period like 3-5 months, if somebody says that they produced such technology, most probably he lies. In short, there is always effort of people for decades behind those products.

We aim the innovation on the fields that improve human comfort, without discovering the discovered. To achieve this goal, the field we chose is the artificial intelligence infrastructure to develop applications based on virtual reality. Though there are 3 separate concepts that we could productize so far, we believe that the virtual world is one of the parts that will shape the future, and we continue to work with patience and stability.