Who Are We

Papilon Savunma is an internationally recognized company whose domestically developed integrated (unimodal or multimodal) biometric identification systems and devices are being efficiently used by the governments, law enforcement agencies and other large-scaled enterprises. It was found in order to build highly-secured biometric systems for public and private sector as well as facilitating citizen’s lives through practicing biometrics technology. Papilon also establishes systems that forms trust and convenience among its customers – whether it would be a government or enterprise – by implementing the state-of-the-art technology, and hands-on experience together.

Papilon ensures that customer centric approach and know-how driven applications to be equally balanced, so that flawless business processes can be prospered.
As of today, Papilon manages millions of biometric credentials, meeting the most demanding challenges without sacrificing accuracy and flexibility.

What We Do

Papilon manages biometric identification process by maintaining compliant to national and international standards (ANSI/NIST/FBI/INTERPOL); provides governments, law enforcement agencies and commercial enterprises palm and finger print identification, facial recognition and iris recognition systems under the consideration of local needs intertwined with best of the breed technology. Papilon’s algorithms which yield accelerated and accurate biometric data transference amongst institutions, are developed in Turkey, locally manufactured and became available to public utilities at 2012. Along with the Biometric ID Management, Papilon blazed a trail in regards to Border & Immigration Management; creating an innovative preventive security concept in border security by facilitating “Biometric Integrated Automated Gates” at passport control check points.

Multinational Identity Management is one of the fields that Papilon concentrates on because of having deep experience regarding this delicate issue. Due to the unfortunate incidents that cause migration create a chaotic atmosphere.

Managing this complex situation requires more than just implementing systematic tasks; but further ability to provide customized solutions to immigration agencies demands.

About Us

How We Do

Our biometrics expertise builds upon several systems and technologies that we constantly improve. Papilon’s comprehensive product & system portfolio is leveraged by highly scalable and elaborated outputs, which are tailored towards customer-centric approach.


Papilon’s APFIS – Automated Palm and Finger Print Identification System – constitutes the majority of biometric identity management process.

The system is especially designed to meet law enforcement agencies needs regarding enrolment of the ten prints of individuals, solving criminal justice cases, storing biometric credentials as well as editing them.

APFIS is a largely scalable, highly customizable, tailored system which has particular responds to quite particular requests. APFIS has been a choice of several countries, with diverse requirements.

About Us


About Us

PYUZ – Facial Recognition System – aims to carry out identification of persons of interest through their faces – creating databases, encoding the criminal’s faces and storing the faces for further use. By technology, facial recognition serves for wide range of application fields, from public safety to commercial security.

Operational simplicity of POLYFACE is appreciated by lots of institutions, all the modules (text data, encoding, database) are user-friendly and constantly upgraded by engineers. Also, POLYFACE can be seamlessly integrated with existing security applications and systems.


ZIRKON – Iris Recognition System – concludes the identification and verification through individual’s irises. Amongst all person identification practices, iris distinguishes by means of accuracy rates. Being the fastest verification, an individual’s identity verification against database can be executed approximately 2-3 seconds.

About Us

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Multi-Modal Biometrics

The combination of two or more biometric modalities which are used for identification purposes named as multi-modal biometrics. Multi-modal biometric applications can meet lots of industries’ avant-garde security requirements since there is a positive correlation between the number of applied biometric modalities and accuracy rates.

  • Papilon’s R&D fund is equal to 25% of its total revenue.
  • Training comprises 5% of the revenue.
  • 700% more than industry average.