April 2019

Papilon participated to LAAD Defence&Security’19 Exhibition

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Papilon participated to LAAD Defence&Security'19 Exhibition. The event was held on 2-5 April 2019 in Brazil. Exchange of ideas made on technologies and solutions under development, and common R&D fields with military, defense and police, delegates from Brazil and Latin America, Brazilian government authorities and officials, ambassadors, defence and security industry [...]

August 2018

June 2018

November 2017

Indian Police are Enjoying Further Success with Papilon System and Products

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Having started to use Papilon Systems and Products this year, Papilon’s Shared R&D results makes noticeable difference to the security needs of Indian Police forces. Latest development efforts of Papilon Savunma gives perfect hit after replacing famous brand products at site. Comments from the Indian Police forces prove once again that using latest technology [...]

High Level Criminal Investigation Officials from Tanzania Participated Papilon Savunma Program

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Papilon Savunma was honored with the visit of a team of high level security officials from the Criminal Investigation Departments (CID) of Tanzania Police and of Tanzania Army (TPDF), who attended a one week intensive program on Biometric Security application methods and related security issues during the second week of November 2017 at our [...]

September 2017

Turkish Republic Ministry of National Defence, Undersecreteriat of Defence Industries has visited Papilon Savunma

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Head of International Co-operation Department of the Turkish Republic Ministry of National Defence, Undersecreteriat of Defence Industries has visited Papilon Savunma. On the purposes of leading the creation of financial models to improve competition power in the international markets of the defence industry companies, executing projects to support international [...]

Iraqi Criminal Investigations Staff Has Met the World’s Fastest and Most Accurate Biometrical Identification Systems

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The Iraqi security committe of the Head of Criminal Department, Fingerprint Department Manager and Crime Scene Investigation Department Manager had paid an important visit to our headquarters by the purpose of security co-operation with the neighbouring countries between 24th-29th of September, for 6 days. While the main purpose of this visit was getting to [...]

August 2017

Indian Police is Impressed with Papilon AFIS System and Products

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Indian Police, who have started to use Papilon AFIS system and palmprint and fingerprint scanners in some states such as Hyderabad and its districts like Adilabad and Afisabad, are very impressed with the excellent performance of the AFIS (Automated Palmprint and Fingerprint Identification) system and with other Papilon devices. Speaking to various media organizations, [...]