December 2019

From Malé to Ankara

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Papilon executives met with the Minister of Home Affairs of Maldives in Ankara. In the course of the meeting, current business affairs and future prospects were widely discussed. The meeting was instructive with respect to how Papilon should design its solutions and future business endeavors to maximize benefit for the South Asian island nation. [...]

Papilon in London for ISE19 Expo with Business Partner

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On December 3th-4th, a team from Papilon attended International Security Expo ‘19 held in Olympia, London with our business partner SCJS. During the expo, our team had the chance to meet with the representatives of many leading firms in security sector, and officials from the British government to present them with both our widely [...]

This Time in Cote D’Ivoire

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As 2019 comes to an end, Papilon keeps expanding its global network by strengthening its business ties with many countries. This time, our business development team turned the course towards the sub-Saharan nation of Cote D’Ivoire. Our team visited this beautiful country to present our public safety solutions to the top administrative representatives of [...]

Papilon at APara News

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Papilon's Master of Business Ms. Ayda Soyay had an appearance on the midday newscast on APara, a channel focusing on economic news. Ms. Soyay talked about our firm's history, its business and development goals, and the worldwide business network the firm established. Emphasizing that the firm has established business links with thirty countries in [...]

Great Interest in PAPIL

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We started with the hope of creating the value we deemed so essential for society, and to this day, we walked on the path to it with firm steps. Today, we rejoice at our success that is so evident in the tenfold demand we received for our shares. On Friday, December 6th, our shares [...]

November 2019

Our Master of Business Development, Ms. Ayda Soyay Told Our Story on Bloomberg HT

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Papilon’s Master of Business Development, Ms. Ayda Soyay, was the guest of Güzem Yılmaz Ertem, the host of Bloomberg HT’s market analysis program Piyasa Hattı (Market Line). Ms. Soyay, talked about the activities, investments, and goals of Papilon which is in the process of going public as of November 28. The highlights of the [...]

R&D Center Certificate

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On Tuesday, November 19th, as part of the 7th Technological Development Zones and R&D Centers Award Ceremony, our chairman Mr. Murat Kerimoğlu received the R&D Center Certificate from the hands of our Minister of Industry and Technology.

Papilon Savunma in Interpol Symposium

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Papilon was among the 184 high-profile participants of Interpol Symposium that was held in Lyon, France on 19-21 November. Our innovative and differentiating technologies have met with the real customers. During the event, criminal investigation professionals, Interpol managers and representatives from public and private sector came together for an international and inter-sectoral discussion about [...]

Papilon is in Bangkok for Tri-Service Asian Defense & Security 2019 Fair!

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Nowadays, Papilon’s headquarters in Ankara is the scene of a productive hustle and bustle. Our team dedicated to spread Papilon’s high quality solutions all around the world is now in Bangkok for Tri-Service Asian Defense & Security Exhibition, Conference, and Networking Event. Our devoted team is sharing the advantages of Papilon solutions and “the [...]