November 2019

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of AI and VR – The Good

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It has been long cited that Edison gave 1,000 trials to the invention of the light bulb; all logged manually to a notebook with detailed descriptions about the result of each experiment. There are six years between Louis Pasteur’s conception of the idea of vaccines and the vaccination of the first human subject; with [...]

“Much Ado About Nothing” Defense over Offense

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Nowadays, there is a trend among world leaders; giving furious speeches about the acts of another nation or leader and signaling that they are fully ready to act if needed only to backtrack the next day and to emphasize a steady temper must be maintained in global affairs because the age of offense has [...]

October 2019

On the Nature of Innovation-2: Nasty, Brutish, and Short

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This is how Thomas Hobbes, one of the signature names of the Enlightenment defines the human life in the beginnings of the history of the humankind, or as philosophers call it; the original position. According to Hobbes, if it were not for the social contract; an eternal ceasefire agreement that bred states, constitutions, democracies, [...]

On the Nature of Innovation – 1 “O’ Hodja! Spare us from the elephants!” Collective Memory and Risk

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You must have heard the name of Nasreddin Hodja, in one form or another, the witty wise man claimed by more than ten cultures across Anatolia, Balkans, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia. Hodja mostly delivers a pedagogic message, posing as a fool, but history tells us that he was more of a political figure, [...]

September 2019

The Birth and Death of an Innovative Idea – 3 “Why Does History Seem Perfect?”

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This is a question asked by Scott Berkun, in his The Myths of Innovation. The rationale Berkun gives is that history vets out the weaker and the unfit, much like natural selection. In Berkun’s view, what resists time is what resists the conditions. In the previous piece, we discussed the external determiners that influenced [...]

The Birth and Death of an Innovative Idea-2 It Takes More Than a Dazzling Discovery

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“History is written by those who win and those who dominate.” wrote Edward Said, one of the most prominent cultural figures of 20th century. Although his perspective is commonly thought within the context of power structures and the politics of historiography, Said’s avowal held true well before he was born. “Fourth place is the [...]

The Birth and Death of an Innovative Idea-1: Papilon APFIS

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With the second wave of globalization, bourges and countries lowered their fortifications and demolished their fortresses, for the echoes of the Industrial Revolution’s footsteps taught them that fortifications were more limitations than shields. At their best, some form of prudish, and metaphorically  parental protection. Alliteration intended. Concrete atmospheres of microworlds; microworlds [...]

March 2019

How Crime Scene Investigators Find Criminals?

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The advancements in technology enabled crime scene investigators do their job with heightened ease and accuracy. This leads to increased certainty in evaluations.  To establish a link between the culprit and the crime scene, investigators use a method known as physical evidence analysis. Discovery of such a link is vitally important in solving crimes. [...]

June 2016

US’ Much Debated Fingerprint Expansion Policy: From Two to Ten

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Summary This information note encompasses US-VISIT's policy alteration in regards to collecting biometric data from international visitors. The biometric acquisition had been executed at ports entry and at the US embassies overseas. This paper unveils the theoretical and practical reasons on shifting two fingerprint acquisition to ten and what vital benefits it has [...]

April 2016

Privacy in Biometrics: Why You Should Not Worry About

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Introduction Biometrics are one of the most commonly discussed security trend right now – due to its dramatic penetration to daily lives, in such short amount of time. From iPhones to fingerprint API of Android Marshmallows, office entrances to stadiums, biometrics – all the more so fingerprint identification – has practically been using in [...]