Papilon is always in a hunt for creative thinkers who are

  • System Designers
  • Software Architects
  • Marketing Wizards
In Papilon Savunma recruitment process is followed by an exhaustive training program where newbies spend the training time on each department that is allocated to better observe and learn that particular business function.

” A career with Papilon Savunma may present infinite possibilities. „

Software Developer

Papilon Savunma is an internationally recognized company whose domestically developed integrated (unimodal or multimodal) biometric identification systems and devices are being efficiently used by the governments, law enforcement agencies and other large-scaled enterprises. Papilon manages biometric identification process by maintaining compliant to national and international standards (ANSI/NIST/FBI/INTERPOL); provides governments, law enforcement agencies and commercial enterprises palm and finger print identification, facial recognition and iris recognition systems under the consideration of local needs intertwined with best of the breed technology.

Now we are seeking new “Senior Software Developer” to extend our workforce. If you are interested in the experience of system development cycle come and join us!


  • Bachelor’s degree (preferably in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Mathematical Engineering or Electrical & Electronics Engineering )
  • Minimum 2 years experience in coding
  • Strong proficiency in C++ and C#, with fair knowledge of the language specification
  • Strong background and joy in object oriented design
  • Knowledge and experience in Linux and Android will be preferred
  • Knowledge and experience in OpenCV will be preferred
  • Experience in face recognition algorithms and software development
  • Experience in image processing algorithms and software development
  • Experience in biometric data processing and management
  • Strong skills in deadline management
  • Ability to work well in a team structure
  • Able to research and become proficient in new technologies
  • Should adapt to flexible working hours
  • Should be a good team player and should be able perform well under stress
  • Good verbal communication and customer and management interface skills
  • Advanced level of English; capable of understanding technical documents in English,
  • Available for travel as needed
  • Male candidates must have completed their military services, or at least 3 years have been declared.


Employee will be recruited by Papilon Savunma for the following tasks.

  • Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable C++/C# code
  • Image and video processing and large-scale data processing
  • Integrate software modules into products
  • Manage software availability, latency, scalability and efficiency
  • Develop product functionality that will be used actively in large dataset
  • Build unit tests to lock down algorithm behavior and guarantee success
  • Participate in all phases of development (specification, design, development and bug fixing)
  • Implement performance and quality modules
  • Identify bottlenecks and bugs, and devise solutions to these problems
  • Help maintain code quality, organization, and automatization
  • Respond to the failure in the systems/softwares quickly.
  • Understand project-specific requirements and work with other software developers and customers to implement relevant business processes,
  • Prepare the requirements document, design document, test document and operation document for the created softwares.
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Identify internal/outside technologies and when/how to use them
  • Prepare the configuration management plans for the projects and dealing with the implementation of these plans
  • Provide management recommendations by analyzing technology needs
  • Provide technical support before and after the project
  • Manage multiple projects with time constraints under pressure
  • Provide system integration support and troubleshooting of the system
  • Provide system knowledge transfer and training to technical support team

According to the position, personnel security investigation may be required. Case study and proficiency exams will be applied to the candidate by the expert team.

We will also hire a Junior Software developer.

Please specify the position that you are applying for in the attachment questions.


Years of Experience: More than 2 years of experience
Military Status: Completed, Exempt, Delayed
Level of education: Bachelor’s(Graduate), Master’s(Student), Master’s(Graduate), Doctorate(Student), Doctorate(Graduate)
University Department: Computer Engineering,Electrical/Electronics Engineering,Information Systems Engineering,Software Engineering,Statistics and Computer Sciences
Languages: English( Reading : Advanced, Writing : Advanced, Speaking : Advanced)


Company Industry: Defense Industry
Job Role: Engineering, Research and Development (R&D), Teknoloji
Job Type: Permanent / Full-time
Position Level: Specialist
Number of Vacancies: 2
Job Location: Ankara(Çankaya)