A Software Development Kit

• Face SDK

(noun): A software development kit that could be used in face recognition, liveness detection, and gesture and emotion analysis applications.

What is Face SDK?

As the name tells, Papilon Face SDK is a kit that has a rich code library and can be used in building various applications.

How Does Face SDK Work?

Face SDK includes a wide spectrum of codes that addresses the needs of anyone who is interested in developing a software and application that perform real time face recognition, liveness detection, emotion, age and gender determination, amd gesture analysis. Thanks to Face SDK’s rich code supply, developing sophisticated and beneficial applications is easier than ever!.

Why Face SDK?

1- Fast Inquiry

Face SDK processes 50.000 pieces of visual material simultaneously and can identify faces in a data pool of 26 million in just one second

Papilon FaceSDK

2- Liveness Detection

Thanks to liveness detection feature that is readily written in Face SDK, applications can differentiate real human faces from photographs and video footage. This makes application developed with Face SDK immune to attempts to mislead.

3- Automatic Quality Check

Image quality is key to the success of face recognition applications; especially the ones that depend on photographs rather than moving image. Due to its automatic quality check feature, photographs are automatically vetted for quality and the highest quality samples are automatically chosen.

Papilon FaceSDK
Papilon FaceSDK

4- Gender and Age Determination

Face SDK determine the age and gender of a given face using the reference points (bonar structures, muscles).

5- Central and Local Inquiry

Face SDK can inquire faces in limited, local datasets as well as much larger data pools. The first is useful when internet connection is an issue. Local inquiry promises fast returns in identity verifications performed in the field and is advantageous to be used in access control systems and tracking people in a criminal watchlist. Central inquiry, on the other hand, is especially useful in identifications and in finding unknown persons involved in criminal activities.

Papilon Face Sdk

6- Emotion and Action Detection

Face SDK can recognize and code over one hundred actions performed using face muscles such as “yawning”, “laughing”, or “frowning”, and, relying on facial expressions, it  can perform emotion detection.

Where to Use Face SDK?

Face SDK can be used;

  • In applications that perform real time face recognition on CCTV footage,
  • In applications that compare real human faces to a set of photographs contained in a dataset,
  • In gesture and emotion analysis applications,


Face SDK, can be used in many applications designed for access control to CCTV cameras; and from user analysis to VR.

When Will You Need Face SDK?

You will need Face SDK in every application that aim to do face recognition, real life face recognition, and liveness detection. Face SDK can be uirilized by public organizations and private enterprises in access control, assessing personnel efficiency, consumer behavior analysis, tracking persons of interest using CCTV, and in suspect identification. 

Who Can Use Face SDK?

Face SDK is designed for software developers working in biometric technology and informatics.